Puzzled Animal Collection!

This collection includes a variety of animal parts, colors, miscellaneous items, and shapes. The goal was to create a new type of animal or being. Something fresh and original with potential use in the future!


Send Merch to Random Owners!

Send Short Animation to Lucky Owners using their NFT # as base.

Start Token Development where Lucky owners will receive Free Tokens

Random token drops to owners

Video Game Development will be initiated for a future game-play with owned NFT!


Weather its a color or shape matching animal. All of them are Unique and express a different emotion.

Lets get the family adopted to great owners!

Buy a Puzzled Animal:


Take a look at our team!

Give it your all even if it does not match!
- Designer
Never judge an animal by its parts!
Surprise Cake
- Marketing
There can only be one match, would you capture it?
The Legend
- Full-Stack Developer

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